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How does Healthspring Address your Crucial Employee Care Priorities?


Healthier and more productive work force: Reduction in associate downtime
Early diagnosis and close doctor led follow up
Round the year focus on relevant preventive wellness themes
Medical care at the right time and in the right amount


Timely and responsive medical care for employees
Healthspring Doctors on campus, backed by central Medical Ops teams
End-to-End on campus health management from staffing to equipment
Quality primary care: low specialist referral rate of 4%


Keep employees safe around the clock
24*7 Emergency assistance - Incidence support plus follow-on-care
Reduction in hospitalization - 85% stabilization rate of HS Emergency services
Transfers the onus of care from HR/Admin to the medical care experts


Solutions that are scalable and cost effective
24*7 Tele-health, for remote locations employees
70% resolution rate for routine queries without requiring hospital visit
Standardized care protocols across sites:
Pan India delivery capability


Keep a young workforce engaged and health
Integrated Wellness @ Workplace Program
Communicates that the company cares
Energize employees and foster team spirit through creative, fun and informative programs


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For any grievances, write to,
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