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Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation Services


Let your Healthspring physiotherapist provide you with the care and treatment that you deserve. Our physiotherapy packages are designed to develop, maintain &/or restore optimum movement/function and provide relief from pain.

Physio Active is an integral part of pain management and is effective in conditions such as spondylosis, frozen shoulder, paralysis, osteoarthritis, joint pain, muscle & ligament tear, knee & hip replacement surgery, etc.

Our expert physiotherapist have unparalleled experience in providing rehabilitation services for customers recuperating from cardio – vascular, neurological & orthopedic conditions. After a comprehensive assessment, our physiotherapist will help choose a module that is right for you. Each module varies in the intensity & duration of treatment.

Active 40 +

Let 40 be the beginning of a healthy you. At Healthspring, we are well aware of the growing number of health issues faced by urban, working class individuals. Our Active 40 + program aims at keeping you fit & healthy.

Our physical therapy experts will guide you through an exercise regimen that helps develop endurance & limb strength while improving your posture &balance as well.

Our nutritionist will work closely in planning a healthy diet for you.

Through our unique coordinated care approach, our team will work closely to reduce your risk factors & enhance your fitness.


Are long commutes & longer working hours taking their toll on your health? Do your joints and muscles ache more often these days? Though you might not be aware, the layout of the chairs & desks at your workstation, the posture you adopt while working and the manner in which you type your keyboard could all be silent contributors to the wearing down of your joints & muscles.

Healthspring’s ergonomics program is designed to improve awareness about the various health risks you face at work.

Over the course of 6 days, our experts will guide you through a series of stretching & flexibility exercises.

Our specialist will help evaluate and determine the right posture for you. Our team will share with you their expertise on workstation layouts to better help you arrange your physical space.

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