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Expert Doctor Services

  • All Healthspring Doctors come with a wealth of experience in their respective domains. Each of them with years of clinical experience having worked at hospitals, corporates or as entrepreneurs.

  • At Healthspring we follow the ICD10 protocols which are accepted worldwide so that we can deliver standardized care irrespective of location. As a standard practise, while the doctors are inducted to Healthspring, they are trained on these ICD10 protocols.

  • Our Doctors spend as much time with you, as is necessary to understand all your health related problems, arrive at a proper diagnosis and recommend a line of treatment. You can ask as many questions to our Doctors and they will be happy to answer those.

  • Healthspring members have access to a doctor 24x7, face-to-face and over a call, especially in case of a medical emergency, wherein our doctor reaches your place in the shortest time possible with an Ambulance and a fully-equipped medical emergency kit.

More often than not, a doctor can mean the difference between life and death. People who suffer serious injuries need a doctor to attend to them quickly because delaying treatment might turn out to be fatal. Doctors are responsible for increased life expectancy and improved well-being in society. People who survive diseases such as cancer usually owe their survival to doctors, whose skills and dedication are vital for their cure. Modern medical technology coupled with doctors’ care can give persons diagnosed with terminal illnesses a hope of living longer.

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