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Are you a part of the success club? Our unique team based approach to Diabetes care means 95% of our patients have improved sugar levels. Read on the know more about how and why this works.

Expert Doctor Services

  • Monthly Doctor check-ins to monitor your sugars, in line with international protocols.
  • Scheduled consultation with Specialist, to monitor treatment.
  • Unlimited free consultations for any other ailments with our in-house doctors.

Coordinated Care Team Services

  • Quarterly home visits by our physiotherapists / dieticians to monitor your diet and exercise.
  • Periodic calibration of Hb1AC and sugars in line with NICE UK recommendations.
  • Comprehensive diagnostics to monitor all other key parameters.
  • Specialised tests for Diabetes, including biothesiometry and ankle brachial index.

Other Member Benefits

  • Dependable 24x7 Emergency Response - one call to order a doctor home visit,ambulance and arrange hospitalisation. (T&C)
  • Special member discounts on all other services.
  • Electronic Medical Records – all your medical information in one place, online.
  • Appointment and medication reminders.

So what’s included in your member program?

Expert Doctor Services
Physician’s 30 minute Full Medical Review (Once)
Diabetes Consult with Expert Physician (12 times/year)
Unlimited Consultations with Expert Physician (Yes)
Consultation with Specialist (Once)
Home visit by Dietician / Physiotherapist (4 times/year)
Annual Eye Check and Fundoscopy (Once)
24x7 Emergency Response
Diagnostics and other Services
Fasting and Post Prandial Sugars (3 times/year)
Glycosylated Haemoglobin(Hb1AC) (3 times/year)
Comprehensive Lipid Profile (Once)

Comprehensive Renal Profile (Once)
Comprehensive Liver Profile (Once)
Complete Blood Count and ESR (Once)
Urine Routine and Urine Microalbumin (Once)
ECG (Once)
Ankle Brachial Index (Once)
Biothesiometry (Once)
Random Blood Sugar (Glucometer) (12 times/year)
Foot Care (12 times/year)
Member Benefits
Electronic Medical Records and Reports (Yes)
Discounts on Pathology, Pharmacy and Vaccines (10%)
Discounts on Radiology and Other Services (5%)

Terms & Conditions apply.

For an Emergency Doctor visit Rs. 3,000 will be chargeable to all members. Additionally, Rs. 3,000 will be chargeable in case of hospitalization. External Ambulance, any procedures, consumables & other services utilized during an emergency, will be chargeable at actuals.


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Diabetes Secure

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