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Healthspring Dental Care Services

From its inception, Healthspring has focused upon providing a full integrated primary healthcare offering to its customers. With this objective in mind, dental services were launched across multiple centers. Currently, Healthspring offers these services at 22 of its centers. and plans to roll them out across all new and most of its existing centers.

The objective is to provide high quality dental care that includes a range of services such as consultations, X-rays, filings, prosthetics, extractions, root canal treatment, etc.

The focus is on prevention of dental illnesses by promoting good oral health and involving customers in decisions about their dental care and hygiene.

At Heathspring, customers are encouraged to provide their feedback. This helps in conducting internal quality audits and making changes when required.

In keeping with Healthspring’s multi – disciplinary approach to healthcare, the dentists work very closely with other team members such physicians and dietitians.

Customers at Healthspring are provided with an environment that is comfortable, friendly & relaxing.

They are treated with state of the art equipment such as fully automated dental chairs, Kodak RVG’s and intra – oral cameras. (Interactions with patients are always supported with their dental images and other educational videos. This provides for very effective communication with customers and results in higher compliance with dental hygiene.)

Preventive Dental Care

Improper or negligent oral hygiene can lead to the formation of cavities or tooth decay. Individuals with such conditions will experience a range of symptoms including pain, discomfort, difficulty in eating, bad breath & foul taste.

At Healthspring, we place a lot of emphasis on routine dental check-ups and cleaning. Our dentists will take proactive measures to help maintain your oral hygiene (e.g. Use of dental sealants - a thin epoxy coating - that prevent the development of cavities in both children and adults).


Gum Disorders

Any damage to our gums can lead to the loss of teeth. Common gum disorders include gingivitis, periodontitis, gum recession and abscesses.

Bleeding, swelling and oozing of puss are signs of infected gums that need urgent medical attention. Most gum disorders can be prevented if detected and treated at an early stage. Let our team of experienced dentists provide you with the guidance and care you need in combating gum disorders.


Smile Enhancement & Restoration

A smile is a curve that sets everything straight! At Healthspring, we know how important your smile. Teeth that are uneven, chipped, broken, overlapping or widely spaced out can mask the true beauty and radiance of your smile. Our dentists use state of the art procedures that enhance your smile and boost your confidence. These include bleaching, bonding, gum uplifting and the use of implants, bridges, crowns, braces and laminates.


Specialist Care

Healthspring customers can schedule an appointment with any one of our empanelled dentists that provided specialist care. They include:

Orthodontist, Pedodontist, Endodontist, Prosthodontist, Oral Surgeon Oral Pathologist, Implantologists, Cosmetic Dentist, etc.

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Healthspring Head Office Address :
5th Floor, East Wing, Forbes Building,
Charanjit Rai Marg, Fort, Mumbai, Pin – 400001
Call: 022 6130 3434

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