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Diet & Nutrition

Weight Management

A well balanced diet is the key to a healthy lifestyle! At Healthspring, our expert nutritionists will work very closely with you as well as your physician to tailor a diet that is just right for you. Certain medical conditions require extra care and special attention to be paid to one’s diet. Let our dietitians help select the right foods and guide you along every step of the way.

Some of India’s leading companies in the banking, insurance, software & real estate sectors have sought our services for their clients & employees. The unprecedented results achieved by our team have made us corporate India’s health partner of choice.

Our comprehensive weight management programs offer more than just consultations. Multiple follow ups, exercise sessions, physical therapy & detailed laboratory tests are just a few features of our multi – pronged approach to help manage your weight. So drop by today at your nearest Healthspring Center and talk to one of our nutritionists to see what’s right for you.

Gene Health

As part of our commitment towards providing our customers with the newest innovations in healthcare, Healthspring is proud to introduce, for the first time in India, its pioneering Gene Health program.

Using recent advances in medical sciences that map your genetic code, our team of experts can now help you select foods that your body needs and avoid those that it does not. Discover which foods your body metabolizes the best and those that affect it the most. Healthspring’s Gene Health program is available for children as well. Our Genes are formed at inception & remain unchanged throughout our life, though their expression can be modulated by environmental interactions. Maximize your child’s health benefits by learning more about his predispositions & preferences as early as possible.

Expecting Mothers

Let us help you mange the weight that you gain during pregnancy in a safe & scientific way. Healthspring’s weight management program for expecting mothers allows you take care of yourself during & after your pregnancy.

Our comprehensive package is designed to meet all your needs & more!

Learn new lifestyle management strategies with our expert counselors. De – stress yourself with periodic yoga session.

Meet our gynecologist for regular evaluations & check-ups.

See what’s right for you!

Still not sure whether to invest your time & money in Healthspring’s diet programs? Try a sampler instead.

Our trial packages give you an opportunity to embark on a short journey with our nutritionist, where you will discover the benefits of eating right & staying healthy.

Healthy Snacking!

Healthy eating starts at an early age.

Good health & nutrition are key to a child’s success.

Our teams of nutritionists can help you select a wide range of foods that are both healthy & tasty.

Their expert advice will help you make the right choices for your child’s diet.

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