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Psychotherapy Services of Healthspring is committed to excellence by pledging to provide the highest quality of psychotherapy care possible. We provide a safe place for you to question and explore what is effective and what is not effective in your life. We discuss ways to make the changes necessary for you to accomplish a happier and more rewarding life. The therapists are here to guide, educate, challenge and support you in your process. Each therapist uses a variety of methods to help you on your journey in life.
A few examples are:

  • Help you to learn how to focus on your strengths
  • Teach you ways in how to reduce your stress
  • Support you in learning how to relax
  • Help you to learn how to increase the awareness of your thoughts which affect you behavior and emotions.
  • Teach you how to make a connection between your body, mind and spirit.
Thus therapy can give you an increased sense of overall wellness and well being. Therapy, like life, is an opportunity for you to grow and develop into the person you hope to become. Each and every experience that you go through in your life provides you with the opportunity to learn about yourself.


    Customers can fill a questionnaire followed by an one-on –one assessment with me.
    Customers can learn stress reduction and management methods. This can also involve hypnotherapy and will be decided by me on a case by case basis.
    Any customer who has symptoms of anxiety or depression can benefit from a session/s in psychotherapy. If the customer is currently taking prescribed medication for their condition, therapy sessions are likely to help reduce the dosage required and may even lead to customers completely coming off the medicines in the long run.
    Learning to identify early signs of suicide can prevent it from happening and save lives. Attend a session with our therapist and help us to help you or a loved one before it gets too late.
    We use CBT, Hypnotherapy and a variety of other tools to help our customers break free from the crippling habit of addiction. Addiction is common, but not limited to, use of Tobacco, Alcohol, Drugs, Gambling, Internet, Mobile phone usage and acts of a sexual nature.
    The loss of a loved one, loss of a relationship, loss in business, loss in sports or in desired academic results often cause grief. Grief if untreated can manifest into various emotional disorders like Anxiety and Depression. Customers often complain of becoming easily irritated and angry over small things; they also often complain about lack of support from family friends and often have disturbed sleep patterns. Trauma is typically a life changing experience. Customers who have been victims of violence and abuse often learn to suppress their emotional state and learn ways of living a “normal” life. These suppressed emotions and experiences often manifest into psychological disorders and emotional imbalances. Counselling Psychotherapy interventions at the right time can help customers to untangle some of the negative emotional knots and heal their emotional scars.

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