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A patient-first philosophy has driven the design of our centres to cater to all your healthcare needs under one roof. And yet, every interaction at Healthspring always begins with a well-qualified doctor. He or she is your trusted friend, philosopher and guide to advise on the care you may need. Walk into any of our centres to find –

  • Highly qualified family physicians with a full complement of nurses and other support staff
  • Well qualified physicians on-call for emergencies
  • Open from 9 am to 9 pm, Monday to Saturday and from 11 am to 5 pm on Sunday
  • All services under one roof – consultations with physicians, well-stocked pharmacy, routine diagnostics and other services
  • Electronic Medical Records accessible by patients and doctors
  • Protocol based programs in Comprehensive Chronic Care
  • Well appointed, hygienic, comfortable spaces designed with patient needs in mind
  • An extended network also gives you access to:
  • A partner ambulance service
  • A panel of reputed specialists
  • A network of hospitals where you have preferential access and rates
  • A 24×7 call centre to respond to emergencies or answer routine queries

Family Physicians

You will find our centres staffed with well-qualified good doctors in Mumbai (MDs or MBBS with diplomas), who are chosen through a rigorous selection processes, and are supported by world-class infrastructure and efficient support staff.  Learn more…

  • Our doctors are available 7 days a week. Even on Sundays!
  • Our doctor has as much time for you as you need. He/she will listen to what you  say, and even what you don’t.
  • Gynaecologist and paediatricians are available across centres, for your loved ones.
  • Call your nearest centre to ask for an appointment now!


Comprehensive Chronic Care

  •  We have tailored programs in diabetes, hypertension, and for other medical conditions that require constant care.
  • Our post-hospital care programs include cardiac rehabilitation, among others.
  •  Our programs in diabetes control have seen 100% success reates across some patient groups

How it works? Our centre will call to remind you of tests due or doses of medication to be taken, update your profile in our records and send you alerts for the next appointment with your family physician. Our home health team will visit you periodically to check basic metrics and explain the medication regimen to you. If you travel frequently, our doctors will be accessible over the phone. Most importantly, our electronic medical records will help both you and the doctor to closely monitor outcomes over a period of time to understand what’s working and what’s not. So that every visit to the doctor is really a positive step forward.

Routine Diagnostics

  • Our philosophy – “everything you need, nothing you don’t.”
  • All routine and non-routine pathology is available in-house, done in collaboration with reputed partners.
  • If you need a test done at home, call the nearest centre today
  • All our Diagnostics centres in Mumbai are equipped to take care of all pathology needs. We also undertake routine radiology (X-rays, Ultrasound, TMT), and deliver other radiology through our ratified partner network.


  • Well-stocked pharmacy, open 7 days a week! Members get 10% off on their
    pharmacy bill. If you are not a member, you still get 7%.
  • Free home delivery is just a call away for all!
  • You can contact our centre for automated monthly medical needs.

Specialist Care Coordination

When you need a specialist, it is hard to know who to go to, and even if you know who is best, it is tough to get access to them – now we take care of both for you. Know more…

  • Our network is pan-Mumbai with over 50 empanelled hospitals, and with 100+
    exclusive specialists.
  • Counted among our partners are Jaslok Hospital, Hinduja Khar and Sanjeevani
    among others.
  • A member gets preferred access to this exclusive network.

We continue to be by your side at every step – following up with the specialist and coordinating any post-operative and rehabilitation care to make sure you stay well.
Please read through our specialists list here.

Emergency Response

  • You are no longer alone in a medical emergency. Become a member today!
  • Our doctors will be on the phone and even come over to take care of you.
  • We will organise an ambulance and hospitalization, if needed.
  • You will get preferential access to top quality hospitals and specialists.
  • We will continue to stay in touch and organize care, for as long as you need it.

Health Checks

Tag: “I think I am perfectly healthy … but does my doctor agree?”
At Healthspring, every health check is really the start of an ongoing conversation with your family physician, in a comfortable environment. It is not a checklist completed, once a year.
He or she will undertake a detailed analysis of your current state of health, a protocol based recording of your history, a thorough physical examination and a customized check appropriate for your risk profile. Our health checks are customised based on your age, gender, genetic pre-disposition and personal history.
Most importantly, at the end, you will sit down with your family doctor and draw up a clear road-map that is effective, yet easy to follow.
Select features of the Healthspring comprehensive Doctor’s Health Check

  • 45 minute detailed upfront consultation with an experienced family physician, to discuss symptoms or worries
  • Full body, comprehensive ‘all systems’ review
  • Documentation and review of medical history
  • Identify possible inherited risk factors
  • Understand in detail your diet, lifestyle and occupation
  • Over 50 parameters from Laboratory and Radiology investigations
  • Detailed post-evaluation consultation and explanation, including Risk Analysis & Recommendations for lifestyle changes and practical advice to minimize health risks
  • Additional tests may be recommended and undertaken, if required, at additional cost
  • Fully personalised and detailed report, with clear roadmap and follow-ups

Read our Frequently Asked Questions section on Health Checks here, to understand better our philosophy for Health Checks.
Our Doctor’s Health Check plans range from Rs 3000/- to Rs 7000/- and are prescribed according to your age and gender. Contact your nearest Healthspring centre for more information on how we could customise a plan for you.


  • Did you know that there is a vaccine for the flu? And one for chicken pox?
  • Older members (over 60 years) – ask for the pneumococcal vaccine to protect yourself from pneumonia.

Routine vaccine recommended for adults are listed below:





Influenza (flu) Seasonal flu 1 Every year
Hepatitis A Normal Jaundice 0-6 Once in lifetime
Hepatitis B Jaundice acquired through Infected Blood & blood products 0-1-6 Once in lifetime
Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) Prevents Cervical cancer 0-1-6 Once in lifetime
Tetanus Vaccine Prevents tetanus occurring through wounds or injuries 1 Every 5 years
Chicken Pox Chicken Pox 0-1 Once in lifetime

Call your nearest centre to get more information on routine vaccines.

Home Visits

    Now, besides visiting our well-equipped centres, Healthspring is happy to extend our services to the comfort of your home. We now undertake –

  • If you cannot come to us, our physicians will come over. Just call the nearest
    centre to schedule a home doctor visit.
  • If a loved one is just back from hospital, call to schedule routine nurse home
    visits for extended care.
  • Ask for our home physiotherapy sessions to get active!
  • Home blood collections, ECG are available as well!

Physiotherapy Clinic

  • Our qualified physiotherapists are known to prioritize exercise and mobility
  • over machine.

  • Ask for PhysioActive, our tailored program to get you on the road to fitness.
  • Call to schedule a consultation with our physiotherapist to proactively address
    physiotherapy that sore back, shoulder niggle or aching knee.

Effective physiotherapy in Mumbai
Our experienced physiotherapists will provide you with an accurate diagnosis and fast effective. More than that you will experience caring physiotherapy in Mumbai and a warm welcome. Whatever your age, it’s always good to know that there is a team of experienced Mumbai based Physiotherapists in Mumbai whenever the need arises.