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Walk-into any of our centres to experience our care first-hand. Call us to consult with a doctor. Schedule a health check. Order a set of blood tests or x-rays with a prescription. Call for a home delivery of medicines. Or ask for a doctor to come home.

Member Services

At Healthspring, we believe in continuity of care. Our care team records every nuance when we treat you. So we are ready when you need us. An annual membership includes everything you need, nothing you don’t – consultations, 24x7 Emergency response,

Corporate Services

Our award-winning integrated care programs go beyond just a health check. We also work with your colleagues to improve organisational health through the year. This may mean fun team building wellness events, doctor at work, physio boot camps or

Why Healthspring?

We are building a network of expert family health clinics in India that places world-class care and customer convenience above all else. Our goal is to be dependable for the patient in his/her hour of need and to deliver service with the highest ethics. We are driven by a core team of believers focused on delivering the Right Care, in the Right Place and at the Right Time...

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I recently underwent a hysterectomy and ligament surgery that kept me on the bed for many months. I still managed to keep my weight in check by following Vrinda’s prescribed diet. Dr Madhu, too, has been very supportive and explains the treatment to be taken in clear and simple language. I look forward to my visits to the centre thanks to the excellent service.

Member, Healthspring Kemps’ Corner

I really like that the doctor always calls to inform me of my blood tests and discuss the same with me. He makes sure I understand them and do not unnecessarily panic. It is unheard of in these days to receive a call from a doctor!

Customer, Andheri West

I am delighted by the emergency response service. I have now unfortunately had to use it thrice. But each time the quality of the response has been great – the line always works, the agent always puts me through to the doctor, and the doctor always responds. One time, the doctor accompanied my ailing mother to a South Mumbai hospital and helped us navigate the paperwork and everything else. It was so relieving to have someone on our side!”

Customer, Kemps’ Corner

My mother always tells me – when I am unwell, I call Dr Joshi first. Because she always responds and will listen to me! But seriously, she has been able to work with my mother and help her modify her diet and control her sugar – something we have been struggling with for very long. We are very grateful to Healthspring

Customer, Khar

My wife and I have been going to the Healthspring centre for a few months now after receiving a doctor consult on site. We have been very satisfied with the service. The ambience is calm while there is no waiting to meet the doctor or any other member of the medical team. I am especially pleased with Dr Jadhav, who has helped me make really positive progress thus far. Good work, Healthspring team!

Member, Healthspring Thane 

The pharmacy in Vashi is so helpful – they always call up and follow up on my medicines in the last week of the month and make sure my medicines are fully stocked. It is a very good reminder system.

Customer, Vashi

It is very convenient to have one place to go to for everything. My family and I have had a good experience in Thane so far. My wife and I completed health checks. And I take my children there often to see the doctor, especially on the weekends.

Customer, Thane

My every visit to the centre and at my office has gone down like a breeze thanks to the attentive staff. More than that, I am treated like a person at Healthspring, which is not so at any other hospital. Dr Cecilia’s consultations are very good and always start on time. I also think that the home visit for blood collection is a great idea

Member Healthspring Kemps’ Corner

I have been going to Dr Bhoinkar for almost a year now and I find her approach very thorough and professional. She always listens to me and follows up with me periodically to make sure I am following her instructions. It is a new experience for me.

Customer, Thane

I found the doctor consultation very professional and thorough. My doctor listened to me in full, and offered options and explained why she was choosing a course of treatment. I was pleasantly surprised. I will be coming back.

Customer, Parel

The doctor spent 30 minutes with me explaining each report and what it meant. It has never happened before. I did not expect it and was pleasantly surprised.

Customer, Goregaon

Earlier my colleagues and I in HR would scramble in the middle of the night, to help a colleague in a medical emergency. Now most people just call the Healthspring helpline. And they have never let us down.

Senior HR Manager, Large BFSI company

I used the service in the Powai centre for many months as and when I wanted because I was sceptical about becoming a member. But finally, my Diabetes needed the monthly visit and so I signed up for the plan – not only is it reasonable, I also feel like I have a plan to keep my sugars in control. I meet the doctor anyway. But my dietician comes home to check on my diet, and the physiotherapist has given me an exercise schedule I can actually follow! The front office are so polite and always call to fix my appointments every month.

Customer, Powai

We know how hard it is to change the habits of one diabetic at home. But the Healthspring team really means business. The doctor never gives up till the employee engages. And now health is a much discussed topic in my company.

Head HR, Large Realty Company

All services that I have used have been really up to the mark. Most of all, my doctor is really the kind of family physician that I have been looking for since a long time. My daughter, too, visits the Healthspring centre and has been very satisfied with her doctor. Best of all, everyone at Healthspring is so comfortable and friendly that it doesn’t feel like a visit to the doctor anymore.

Member, Healthspring Powai

I signed up my office for the Healthspring program a year ago and am very happy with the doctors and other services. I have total confidence in the team both when it comes to general routine care and specialists recommended by the doctors. Under my doctor’s advice, I get a blood pressure test at home once in two weeks. I am very impressed with the timeliness and professional service of the visiting...

Member, Healthspring Andheri West

Overall, I would rate the Healthspring service as 10/10. I like that my doctor explains everything to me in detail. She takes all my complaints seriously by asking more queries. Healthspring doctors are well-equipped and well-supported, and from what I have seen, have up-to-date knowledge. I would certainly recommend Healthspring to friends and family members.

Member, Healthspring Vashi

The centre is very conveniently located. And being open till 9 pm is very useful. I just stop by on my way from work for my monthly Diabetes visits.

Customer, Vashi

I called the Healthspring Healthline when my 1 yearold baby swallowed camphor late evening, in complete panic! But the doctor listened carefully and calmed me down. She was quick to diagnose it as a non-emergency and advised home medication and followed up every 2 hours. My baby was fine soon. It was such a relief to not have to rush to hospital!

36 year old employee, Large corporate

My health check was a smooth process – I was given a checklist and the nurses coordinated to make sure I did not miss anything. At the end of it all, the doctor gave me a clear summary with specific things to work on over the next 6 months – I was pleasantly surprised!

Customer, Khar

I love the quick service at the front office and pharmacy, and the doctors make it feel familiar. I certainly recommend the centre to others. I have even purchased a coupon and have upgraded my husband to the Diabetes plan.

Member, Healthspring Parel

My father complained of chest pain on Sunday evening, and since everything was closed I called the Healthspring tele-health service. The doctor came right over, diagnosed a heart attack, started treatment and coordinated ambulance and admission in South Mumbai. When we walked into the emergency room, the whole team and specialist were waiting for us and immediately took over. I cannot thank Healthspring enough – it was so reassuring to have someone on our side.

31 year old employee, Large FMCG player

I signed up my father for the diabetes program at the centre as his is a serious condition and there was no one to monitor his medication earlier. Within a few months, we were happy to see improved results in his blood sugar. With a full team for support, he is now taking an active interest in looking after his health and looks forward to his doctor visits at Healthspring.

Member, Healthspring Khar

The doctor at Healthspring has slowly but surely replaced our family doctor, though we did not plan for that when we signed up. It is just so convenient – we can see her on Sundays, get our tests and medicines in the clinic itself. And she never fails to call and check on us every other month

Customer, Goregaon

I live in the US and signed up to the subscription service for my parents on one of my trips back. I was quite sceptical but was surprised by the quality of service provided. The physiotherapist came home and insisted on working with my mother and getting her to exercise. The nurse always shows up on time for monthly blood draws. I now recommend Healthspring a lot.

Customer, Kemps’ Corner

My first impression of the centre was how warm all the staff are. Everyone was eager to help – the reception, the nurses. And everyone was smiling. I have never seen this in a doctor’s office before

Customer, Parel

The centre is spacious and the staff are all very polite. They really have a personal touch. I have been going back for almost 3 years now.

Customer, Kemps’ Corner

I had just signed up for the service when my father complained of chest pain one late night, about 11 pm. I really did not expect Healthspring to respond. But their doctor came, fully equipped within 20 minutes. She did an ECG, started medication, confirmed it was not a heart attack and relieved him of his pain – all at home. She left in an hour and followed up the next day. I am so grateful and really happy to have access to such a service. It was such a relief to know I did not have to take my aged father to the hospital in the middle of the night.”

Customer, Goregaon

Powai really needed a friendly family doctor service, and that is exactly what I found at your centre. And the best part for a working couple like us is that you are open on Sundays!

Customer, Powai

After my mother was moved back from hospital, we were looking for someone to come and assist her at home – give her medication, check her BP, etc. Healthspring’s nurses were a great help – they came in the morning and evening on the dot, helped nebulise, gave her the injection and generally made her comfortable. I would recommend you highly to other households with elderly parents

Customer, Powai

The doctor at Healthspring has slowly but surely replaced our family doctor, though we did not plan for that when we signed up. It is just so convenient – we can see her on Sundays, get our tests and medicines in the clinic itself. And she never fails to call and check on us every other month

Customer, Andheri West

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