May 4, 2016

Managing Diabetes Effectively Through Lifestyle Changes

Diabetes is a disorder in which the blood sugar levels stay high due to lack of the hormone insulin.
It is generally caused due to genetic factors i.e. heredity, but presently obesity is another factor
which is among the leading causes for Type-2 diabetes. The main cause behind obesity is our sedentary
lifestyle coupled with poor eating habits and lack of physical activity.

Diabetes is silently but surely becoming a fast-growing epidemic in India with new cases getting diagnosed every day.

Diabetes does not have a cure, but it can be controlled by making simple changes in your lifestyle. Millions of people can reduce their risk for diabetes just by making small changes in their daily life and live a life free of complications.

What simple steps can be taken for effective diabetes management?

  • Active Lifestyle: working in and around the house, taking the stairs, stretching every hour, taking regular walks etc
  • Weight Control
  • Maintaining a Healthy Body Mass Index (BMI)
  • Regular Exercise with appropriate intensity workouts, at least 30 minutes per day for adults
  • Healthy diet: maximum intake of proteins, fibers and vegetables while cutting down on fatty foods, especially saturated fats
  • Strict regulation of sugar intake – not only in the form of sweets, but also avoiding sources of hidden sugar like refined carbohydrates, processed foods
  • Regular medication at correct time intervals as prescribed by the doctor
  • Regular monitoring of blood sugar levels

A long journey begins with a small step! To know more about easily doable actions for efficient diabetic management, do visit Healthspring centres and benefit from the knowledge of our expert doctors.

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