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Gum Disorders


The leading cause of tooth loss in adults has often been observed as lack of gum care and resultant gum diseases. There are a lot of common gum diseases like gingivitis, periodontitis, gum recession and even gum abscess, which make it very difficult for an individual to take good care of their teeth. Gum diseases are often preventable or at least manageable, till a great extent, but that depends on how early the matter gets attended to.


  • Any changes in the way your tooth sync with each other, especially during a bite.
  • Gums that show signs of being swollen, a bit tender, pulled apart in some places or even reddish and puffed up in their appearance.
  • Occurrence of pus in between the tooth and the gums.
  • Longer appearing tooth because of receding gums.

With proper brushing and flossing, a lot of gum diseases and other tooth problems can be reversed in their early stages itself. With regular Scaling sittings at the dental clinic it is possible to have healthy teeth and minimal dental problems.

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